Sunday 22 January 2012

Enchanted Butterfly Garden

Mention butterflies and flowers and you will almost always get the same reaction from a little girl... The eyes light up and you get an instant fluttery smile.. Well at least I know that i still get that feeling and I'm way beyond a little girl :).

This next event styled by 3's a Party takes you to that place where dreams come true and gives you the same feeling as when you watched the secret garden as you were growing up. Its described as whimsical, enchanted and magical. The gorgeous props such as the serving trays, cake stands and drink dispenser supplied by Lily Chic assisted in creating the mood. The tremendous artistry job done by Dewi from Sweet Bloom Cakes with her work on the cake, cake pops and the cupcakes just added another dimension to the whole theme.

All photography taken by Photography by Sandra

Monday 9 January 2012

Another successful event..

Bumblebee Birthday Party

This event was every young boy's dream... It had all the colour and spice a child would want to put a smile on their face, and that's what happened when 3's a Party put it all together and made one little boy a very HAPPY boy :) every detail was planned to the pea to create a vibrant and inviting attention to the candy/desert table styled by 3's a Party. The lovely deserts prepared by Illhaam Serhan were an anticipated event on its own. Check it out and have a look at our other events as well. 

All Photos taken by Sandra El-Ayoubi Photography by Sandra

Enjoy :)