Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Transformers Birthday Party

My son Mohammad is having his 5th Birthday and I wanted to make sure that it would be one that he would possibly be able to remember until his next birthday lol :)
Transformers is what he came up with. collaborating with the genius mind my friend and business partner we were able to put together a spectacle of a desert table that would be spoken about until our next event. Styled by our business 3's a Party and Photography taken by Sandra (me) we were able to showcase our work to our family and loving friends.
The kids had a blast and the desserts were to die for. Special thanks goes out to Tantissimo Cakes who did the wonderful job of getting the cake not only looking fantastic but tasting just as good and those butter cream cakes that could be smelt from miles away. Also to Ilham Serhan who did the hard work to make the amazing looking cake pops that were so true to the theme and looked futuristic something straight from the movie, she also made the cookies that not only tasted beautiful but WOW on the design that took her loving husbands design to get them looking as great as they did. such precision in all of the desserts to make the table look as vibrant and taste delicious. 3's a Party put together the favour bags that had all the little goodies that kids love. Lily Chic Events for the gorgeous compartment box that made our glass bottles look amazing.. Please enjoy the pics....

You can find 3's a Party and Photography by Sandra on facebook by clicking the links below:




  1. Love all the transformer faces and the roll out print, just wondering where you got them from

  2. What did you put in your goody bags?

  3. Do you have a copy of the circle cut outs that you have on the table background? I would love to have a template or where to buy them. thanks.

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  5. Transformers is a great theme to be used for kid’s party and they love such themes. At my son’s 5th birthday I also used the same theme, he loved that. I planned his birthday party at LA venue and that is why I had enough space to plan that party properly.

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